English Setter Singing

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Otis, our English Setter squeaking his toy and singing. He is about 11 months here. Does this at least once a day.


EcoleDePianoMayumi says:

He’s cute. He reminds me my setter. My setter sang too but I thought
because he was born in musician family, l’m a musician. But your one sing
well too!

TheTScotRhys says:

Great copypasta!

pglastrah says:

Very funny, my setter likes to listen to him :))

Stale Milk says:

Showed my female English Setter this, she peed -_-

emkathryn1 says:

Oh this is so funny. We have always had setters – our current one, a 7 year
old female is quite vocal. Much higher pitched than Otis – but all the
same, the singing must be a setter thing.

Susan England says:

You have a roo’er. Love it.

TheMarguerite146 says:

He looks a lot like my English setter Domino! Mine are annoyed by the
squeaker and remove it within minutes. I love Otis!

reddogs99 says:

I love OTIS! I can’t decide if he is an alto or a baritone. Baritone I
think! Great doggie! I have an irish (who kills the squeekers within
30seconds) and an english who is a lot more reserved.

ANDYKilla1 says:


Rick Enrico says:

he looks just like my setter, zee :) i have a video of him swimming on my
channel. he has a much deeper singing voice than my dog though lol

Michael Green says:

Although the history of the English Setter goes back some 500 years, modern
representatives of the breed were greatly influenced by Edward Laverack who
acquired two pure English Setters in 1825 and began his breeding program.
That century Laverack stock was bred with setter stock for hunting.
Standing 24-27 in (61-68 cm) and weighing in the region of 55-66 lb (25-30
kg), the English Setter is clean in outline and elegant both in appearance
and in movement.

Amanda Abergel says:

hahaha i was playing this beside my sleeping dog and the squeeking of the
toy woke my dog up from a very sound sleep!

burnleyfan11965 says:

my pyrenean barked at him lol.nice dogs english setters,soft as butter

frink32 says:

Love that bass in his voice!

Jake Alexander says:

Oh definitely a baritone. My little Bennett sang along with him for a bit!
Great dog you have

platovaya says:

He is so cute! i have a similar English setter at home, a female, but she
never does things like that. Oh, and at the age of 3 and a half, she still
destroys stuff. :D Hope Otis is well and has fun!

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